Laboratory test
Pile tests - CGE 2019
Laboratory pile load test in small scale

Laboratory stand:
Chamber:Cylinder. Diameter = 1,5 m, High = 2,0 m.
Load:Hydraulic cylinder in range 0-60 kN, and strength frame.
Pile:Steel cylinder pile. Diameter 34 mm and 1020 mm long (part of the pile in soil). The roughness of the pile's skin will be increase by sandpaper. Pile will be equipment with force sensor at the head and at the toe of the pile.
Sand:Geotechnical condition in the chamber will be roughly homogeneous. Core of the chamber will be filled by sand from the field. Test will be carried out in sand. The conditions will be similar to the soil conditions in which field studies will be conducted.
Test Procedure:The chamber will be filled with non-cohesive soil (sand). Core where pile will be placed will be build from sand taken from the area where field piles will be investigated. The soil will be placed layer by layer in a chamber and dynamically compacted using steel vibrating plate and the density will be controled by the cylinder method. Next the pile will be static or dynamic embedded using hydraulic cylinder or hammer.

After 3 days the test will be carried out.
Pile will be axially loaded in steps of load. Increase of load in each step will be the same. Load in step is equal to n·1 kN, where n – is a number of load step. In each tep the mobilized toe resistance and settlement will be measured. Next step of load will be introduced when settlement will be stabilized. It was assumed that sufficient stabilization of settlement will be achieved when dfifference of settlement in 2-minute interval of time will not exceed 0,02 mm.

Table 1: Loading steps for axial compressiontest for a single pile
StepLoadPredictedduration of step*Predictedtotalduration*

*- time is dependent on condition of stabilization. Less than 0,02mm/2min
Measurements:Applied axiall load at the head of the pile N2 [kN]
Mobilized toe resistance N1 [kN];
Stabilized settlement of the head of the pile s [mm].
The final results is a set of data: { N2,i ; N1,i ; si }
Where i-stage
Research contractor:West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, Poland

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