The subject of the competition is to predict the behaviour of the following structures: a) a single pile under load in situ conditions, b) a single pile model in a laboratory scale and c) a group of piles under load in situ conditions. The basic data for the analyses include soil conditions (available after registration), material and geometry of the structure and the piling technology applied.

The purpose of the competition is to forecast the bearing capacity of the structure, the stress and strain state of the subsoil in vertical load conditions of a pile or a group of piles, in a natural scale and a single pile in a laboratory scale. In the case of the pile group, forecasting would also concern the distribution of loads on particular piles. The transfer of loads between pile base and pile skin for each defined (mentioned above) cases.

The competition paper may refer to one, two or all the three cases.

The paper should include the assumptions and the description of the method of prediction and the analyses results.

The competition will be resolved at the special session "Pile tests - 2019" by an international jury of experts in the field of pile foundation.

The detailed data on soil test results can be found after registration for the conference.

Note: Due to "Winobranie-2019" Polish Wine Festival in Zielona Gora which will take place during the days of Conference CGE-2019, please make hotel reservation in advance.